Safety for Women


Women usually are easy targets for violence acts. Especially in the third world countries women are the victim of selfish violence acts. In most of the time, they don’t have the idea of where they are and what’s going on around. This lack of awareness turns them into victim. Being in wrong place at the wrong time and unconfident body language is another reason for being a victim. Whatever the reasons are, anyone should remain aware about circumstances and try not to get abused physically or mentally.

Because of their nature, they become victim of irritation. Take a look at these statistics from the National Organization for Women. But a little awareness can change the whole scenario. In general sense, if you see or feel like having a problem in your way, change your route. In the time of problem always be prepare to defend yourself in the possible best way or run. When you’re walking alone in the street, don’t wear conspicuous jewelry. Use buses or taxis instead of hitchhiking. Be confident, don’t become an easy target for violence acts.

It’s tough to assault anyone in the middle of lots of people. So, public transportation is welcomed in most of the time. When you’re in a public transport an aisle seat is more preferable than window seat for quick exit. In off-peak hour, travel in the compartment with most passengers or in the compartment directly behind the driver.

Check the driver’s identification before you get into his taxi. Car with central locking, be aware of them. Adjacent seat is safer than rear passenger seat, sit on it. Avoid the flagging taxis from the street instead order for them so the driver can be traced. When facing car trouble or needs to walking always walk against the crowd so you can keep a sharp eye on what’s coming.

The danger is quite high when you’re travelling abroad alone. You should take proper initiative to remain safe and healthy.

Safe Travel for Women

A lot of women who travel alone discover an incredible sense of freedom and possibility. But there are also the challenges, roving from solitariness to safety, making solo travel scary enough that many women never attempt it. Statistics on violence against women in the United States show a shocking number of of gender-based violence and sexual assault. The more you know about where you’re traveling, the more protected and more happier your journeys will be.

One of the most important things women can do to make sure they are protected when traveling abroad is to access good quality healthcare abroad without incurring large medical bills.

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