A revolution in Women’s safety

Women’s safety has been in the forefront, especially in the recent past where there have been reports of violence against women from all corners of the world. One question that is constantly being raised is – why are such incidents more common in today’s world? What is the cause behind such tyranny? Well, once again the answer remains right in front of us. Yes, ignorance combined with arrogance is exactly why women are often subjected to such outrageous acts. Women’s safety has been of the utmost concern, but how much of what we’re doing is enough? The answer remains to be seen. However, that hardly means we should stop in our efforts to curb this particular issue. A lot of organizations are helping out victims of such violence by lending them a helping hand not just for their well-being, mentally. Their main aim is to overcome such tragedies and face life head on, whether it is by learning something new, getting a job or probably even starting their own business!
Let this be a beginning of a revolution of one of a kind, a movement to show everybody that women are not mere victims anymore. This is our way of fighting back, of showing the world that we aren’t just damsels in distress. The truth is definitely bitter, the wounds do take time to heal, but does that mean we just stay frozen in the past and not move into the future? This has got to change and more so when we know that the people who inflict such wounds on us aren’t going to change their ways anytime soon. There is also the aspect of prevention of course, this is going to take a while but there will come a time when women’s safety need not be described about so explicitly!

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