Ever heard of family violence?

Violence against women has been a matter of rising concern, not just for young girls anymore. Every woman is prone to this risk whether they happen to be inside or outside their own house. Sometimes, there have been cases where family violence have been reported, this is when the women of the family are usually taken for granted and the belief is that they will succumb to just about anything in the name of family. This has to be put to a stop for the well-being of the family as well the woman or women in question. There have been reports from all over the world about women being subject to such unspeakable violence that most of them fear from lodging official complaints because those who harm them are usually those who are supposedly family members. A number of support groups and organizations that help such victimized women to overcome their mental blocks and try to lead a normal life.
Though these women try to get on with their lives, violence tends to leave an indelible mark in their minds causing fear even for the smallest of things. It is time to fight back, not literally of course. No amount of protesting or campaigning will change the minds of the violent. However, they must be made aware of the various punishments and penalties for violence against women. Of course the laws differ from one country to another, but the problem is the same. So, a common solution to solve this issue would be to teach children at school that violence against anybody is a crime and for those who are beyond the reach of education they can only try to be better people by choosing to do what’s right or not. There will come a time when family violence or just about any type of violence against woman is history.

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