Family Violence – Are our women safe inside the house?

It is indeed a matter of concern and shame that women are neither safe outside the house nor inside it. Domestic violence or family violence has always been an epidemic in the society. It is not right to ignore the horrors faced by women inside her four walls, by dismissing it as “personal issues”. They must be brought into light and those who are the cause of it must be punished for their act of brutality.
There is a common misconception that “family violence” just means a husband hitting or causing pain to his spouse. Domestic violence is a much more complicated issue which has many ugly ends. A single act of physical abuse cannot be considered as family violence as it involves a series of ongoing actions that affect the women in any negative manner. It has a strong psychological impact and can sometimes even lead the victim into depression.
Verbal abuse and psychological abuse are types of family violence that are mostly over looked. Any insulting or offending word thrown at the woman is considered family violence. Manipulation and degrading comments are considered emotional abuse and it can set back a woman by destroying her psychological balance. A man is not allowed to control the woman as she must be left to act on her own free will. Any attempt to isolate from her friends or family will be considered a crime and it comes under family violence.
A disturbing yet accurate statistic says that 1 out of 4 women experience the horrific domestic violence in their lifetime. There are many laws against this but the real change will happen only when we take initiative on our own to address this burning issue. Women must be treated with respect and dignity and they must be given their personal space and the freedom that they rightly deserve from their counterparts.

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