Family Violence Kills Women’s Safety- Here’s how!

Women being a powerful weapon in the contemporary society face several exertions in life. In spite of being the sunbeam of her family, her security is been ruined mutually in her family and the society. Her safety is been plucked by the violence caused in both the places. Women are abused simply because they are women. Every day a woman tussles to keep her secure from others. Even in place of labor, they are given night shift and over-time workloads, they find it tricky when returning to home unaided.
Family violence is the foremost root for the loss of women safety. The physical, psychological or sexual maltreatment, abuse or neglect of a woman is the brutality they face in family. It is a violation of trust and an exploitation of supremacy in a relationship where a woman should have the right to complete safety. In many cases, it is also a felony. When we surf the newspapers daily, in a column we find a case against women safety like women being raped, murdered, and kidnapped. 40-70% of the murders of women are committed by their husband or boyfriend. Women born and brought up in a family enters a new family after marriage. This is to start a new relationship and to take up responsibility. She has to be supported and not violated. So, where do women find a safer place to protect herself?
The technology urbanized and people’s knowledge amplified. But, even now people in some villages tag on the old custom of killing the girl offspring. Numerous women’s rights committees and campaigns have evolved, yet the violence against women has not yet bunged. It is role of both the family and the society to fortify the flag of women safety. Join hands to safeguard women- the visible God.

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