Gender Equality – Women Are Enjoying Equal Rights As Men

Gender Equality means bringing no differences between men and women. But, even today in many countries males tends to dominate women. Yes, in the past, men ruled the world for more than thousands of years but today, with the women power leading from all fronts, they are reining a country or even occupying the top position of a multinational firm, they have achieved similar power as men.

Today, women are more respected and are regarded as the role models for many organizations. Even the property rights have been changed favoring women which were not the same in the past. Though the world is changing considerably by all means, there are still some countries where women are not allowed to even go out to school with the fear that they might bring disgrace to the family. Slowly and steadily this notion is getting wiped out. Very soon we will see no gender discrimination between a woman and a man.

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