Safety of Women; the Safety of a Nation

They are like pears in the garden of trees – they are specially made. This is the similitude of
women in our environment. No matter how fragile and flexible they look, they are the sun
and stars in the life of men. The importance of women cannot be overemphasized in the
society, yet they are usually the most exposed to violent. Well, this could however be easily
conceived since the ripest fruit is always the target of any potential fruit-eater.

The conspicuousness of the female, which should have been the main reason for their
safety, has now turned to be a mis-used opportunity for attacking them. Women are
naturally naïve and this has made it easy for them to be controlled and enjoyable, therefore
the source or carrier of enjoyment needs to be dealt with in the best safe manners.

The issue of violence against women today is saddening and needs urgent curb. Every day,
there is always news about how women are butted and harassed, either in their places of
work or in the public transits. Even the young gems are not left out of the mess.

However, we should not sit down arms-folded and negligent about protecting our damsels.
It is to this that we must all stand up towards the safety of women in the society. If their
safety is put at stake, the safety of the whole is at risk as well. Once the best of the fruits are
plucked, then starves is bound to set in!

I cannot imagine if there could be many organisations for the protection of some
endanger species in animal kingdom internationally, and we could not be boastful of many
organisations for the protection of women, who are by far not comparable these endanger
species. Now, there is no ‘species’ as being endanger on earth as women. The various unrest
all around could be check if we give impervious protection for our women – the safety of
women is the safety of any nation.

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