Women Safety – A Matter of Rising Concern!

Safety of women has been a major concern in the recent past as compared to earlier times. It isn’t just the fact that women are unsafe when they travel alone, they are almost at equal risk when they are in their own homes although such cases are not usually considered as a threat to women. There have been several discussions on this topic, but has it resulted in something good? Are women any safer than they were sometime back? What practical measures can be taken to make women help deal with this issue? Well, obviously the saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’ works perfectly in this case, so it is always advisable to keep in mind various pointers on defending yourself from danger in all forms.
Having a ready can of pepper spray or a small packet of chili powder is the most common methods followed, however what if there is a situation where one does not have their handbag or purse, so how do you manage during such times? The best way is to learn self-defense methods, usually in the form of martial arts such as karate, or taekwondo and so on. And another wiser move would be to take a good look around wherever you go, especially when you happen to be without trustworthy company.
Make sure you have the police on your speed dial and probably another trustworthy male member of your family as well, whenever you require immediate assistance in a dire situation. If you happen to be at any event whether for professional or personal reasons, make sure you check out the venue beforehand and also ensure that the location is a safe one as well. There are several organizations and communities that help in spreading the word about various ways to stay safe, but in the end it is entirely up to each and every one of us to take care of ourselves.

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